Random Thought On The MTV VMA's

Sunday, September 12, 2010

As I'm semi back from the dead of almost flu (so it's not like I'm actually really coming back from the dead, nor really the flu) I'm watching the MTV VMA's on MTV Brazil, and I had very very random thoughts - all which don't have a lot do about anything.

  • *Sigh* on Chelsea again. Although at least right now that I know of she hasn't made an Asian joke. Yay.

  • Brazilian VJ's can't really sing. Especially Cher.

  • Waiting for Linkin Park.

  • I'm thinking they really should have had an FM appearance.

  • It's a shocker Justin Bieber won new favorite artist.

  • I wonder how much Nicki Manaj reps for her Indian side?

  • I'm giving Linkin Park a 10 for their show. Nice.