Arizona's Asian American Candidates: Is There Hope Yet?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Maybe. But I'm still not traveling there right now as I think there should be a moratorium after you try and enact crazy laws which basically allow you to beat me to a pulp all in the name of border control.

Asian-Americans in Arizona have traditionally kept a low profile in public service.

But this year, at least four Asian-American candidates ran in the primaries, and three are moving on to the general election. The four candidates said this small number is notable because it indicates growing interest in political involvement among Arizona's Asian-Americans. They have been involved in Arizona politics in "spurts and stops," said Barry Wong, who ran but lost in the primary for Corporation Commission. Wong, who served in the Legislature in the 1990s, said four Asian-American candidates running on both local and state levels was the most he has seen participate in an election [...]

"Over the years, as an Asian-American runs for office, it really raises the visibility, not only to the broader community but also to Asian-Americans to say that it's doable. You can run," Wong said.
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