On Glee, Thinking Asian People Took Over The Show, And Yes, It's Totally Busted

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Yeah - it's a long shot - but after berating the show last year (only when it was deemed necessary of course) and then tuning in for the premiere tonight - I just have to wonder if someone out there in FOX TV Land has actually been listening to me (and yes, we all know the truth, but at least let me have something on a day where people are using the word filibuster much to my chagrin).

I mean a romance between Tina and Mike (who actually kiss each other in that teen angsty Asian camp sort of way)?

Semi-funny jokes with Asian Americans?

Abs of steel via Harry Shum Jr.?

And Charice Pempengco upstaging - well - pretty much everyone?

Yeah...I'll just pretend it was all my idea...