3 For Price Of 1: Sex in Seattle 18

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

If you can't get something for free a deal is the next best thing.

Catch the latest installment of the nation's longest running serial theatre show from our good friends at SIS Production! Featuring some of your favorite Pork Filled Players! And at a very special price for PFP fans!

Sex in Seattle 18: An Everyday Kind of Love is at Seattle's Richard Hugo House (1134 11th Ave) this Friday, September 24 at 8 pm. Normally, tickets are $15 General, $12 Student/Seniors, but as a special gift to Pork Filled Phans, three of you can see the show for $15 (or $12, if you're all students or all seniors).

Simply email tickets@sis-productions.org and mention the 3 for 1 Offer and you can get in to see the show at the special discount! Fri, September 24 at 8pm: 3 for 1 special (only $5 each for 3 people) And okay, if you only have 2 people, we'll give you 2 for 1.

Sexy, sassy and laugh-out loud, Sex in Seattle is also new viewer friendly! You can dive right in and enjoy the snappy, high energy hijinks of four Asian American women trying to find true love in modern Seattle! And it's the 10th Anniversary production for SIS Productions!


• This offer is good only for the 8 pm show this Friday
• You MUST mention the 3 for 1 offer, and
• You MUST mention you're a Pork Filled Phan (otherwise our feelings would be very, very hurt).

PFP alums May Nguyen, Leilani Berinobis and Miko Premo lead a cast that also includes Alex Adisorn, Henry Drew, Tom Falcone, Kathy Hsieh, Sean O'Bannon, Nicholas Schell, Caleb Slavins, and Moses Yim!

What's it about?

Romance is great, but is true love the grand sweeping gestures of passion we fantasize about? Or is it those everyday moments that bring people closer together over time? Join Tess, Jenna, Elizabeth and Chloe as they discover their own answers in the nation's longest-running quirky romantic comedy about contemporary Asian American women, their lives and their loves.

Call (206) 323-9443 or email tickets@sis-productions.org for reservations at this price (remember, good for JUST the 8 pm show this Friday); for more information see the SIS website at www.sexinseattle.org.

Audiences over the past 17 episodes have shared the following accolades: "Funny as hell!" * "Wow ~ very funny & different!" * "LOVED IT!!!" * "I was totally blown away. It was certainly the best show I've seen all year." * "Thanks for making my visit to Seattle worth every cent" (Denver resident) * "This episode showed great depth, yet was even funnier than ever!" * "The script was so original, funny, and creative - our stomachs started hurting because we were laughing so hard." * "This is the best thing I've seen in Seattle!" * "We just love SIS and every one seems to get better and better!" * "They are so addicting!" * "cute and clever" * "We really liked the use of video…they were awesome!"

Rated "PG-13" for sexual innuendo and saucy situations.

Sex in Seattle 18: An Everyday Kind Of Love is written by Kathy Hsieh, directed by ShawnJ Westand produced by Lorna Chin, Kathy Hsieh, Miko Premo & Roger Tang with support from Elizabeth Daruthayan & Lisa Marie Nakamura.

SIS Productions is a production company that strives to create, develop and produce quality works that involve Asian American women, their themes, and Asian American issues. SIS Productions encourages opportunities and support for Asian American women to be involved in all aspects of the production of artistic endeavors.

Sex in Seattle is a dynamic, groundbreaking episodic theatre show that aims to:
* Portray contemporary Asian Americans in a truer light, reflecting our diversity and uniqueness of being both Asians and Americans.
* Believably address and explore the issues of womanhood ~ sexuality, struggles, identity, relationships, perceptions, and more, using humor and drama.