Santas Of Color And The Gedde Watanabe Reach-Around

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I was reading this article down at about how more and more places are adding a little color to Santa, and while the article is a good read - check out some of the comments I ran into:

"I'd like to see a black Santa so the black kids can ax him for presents."

"Why is it offensive to Black people that white people have white angels, saints and Santas, but when black people have only black saints, angels and Santas is good for the kids. Perhaps black people should set an example and be as accepting of white people as they want us to be of them."

"I better start seeing a white MLK."
I mean seriously - how much of a dumb racist motherfucker do you have to be to come out with comments like those when all we're talking about here is having a Santa that actually looks like the people around him?

Is there a rule that says we have to keep on stuffing fat drunk white guys into red suits to act as someone who's not even real?

And since - if Santa was real - White Santa keeps on jacking my shit anyway.

No firetruck, no island of Slanty, no bags a cash, no lap dance from Ann Curry and Helen Zia - I didn't even get a perfunctory Gedde Watanabe reach-around in my stocking.

I say fuck White Santa.

Give me a Santa Of Color.