And Wouldn't You Know It? Zoe Yang Is Going As A Bunnette

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

In a previous post you heard me talk about one woman's quest (Zoe Yang) to become a Bunnette - and interestingly enough on the day that I posted up on it - she won (and if you're interested on the odds between Kobayashi and Chestnut check out this link).

Now while I could end the post here, for some reason I think you might be wondering a couple of things - one of which is how come I didn't post up this info sooner. The reason should be obvious and you might have already guessed it - I'm lazy. And the next day turned out be what I'm referring too as "No Post Tuesday" where I was in fact going to put up a post titled "No Post Tuesday", but then it would have made "No Post Tuesday" "One Post Tuesday" and that just got too confusing - so nothing there either.

The other thing you might wondering is what drove Zoe Yang to become a Bunnette in the first place. That I can answer as well (at least a little), although not actually me, but Zoe herself, but not really her per se, because I'm sure she's out eating good food with someone from Craigslist - but she did send this along in an e-mail a couple of days ago after seeing the post which she said would be o.k. to add here:

I just want to get close enough to see Kobayashi's Adam's apple
Yes - there was something more about really thinking the MLE was a fascinating sport and how she thought it was oddly democratic and how she wasn't doing it to be the sole Asian representation (and there was even something in there about how this blog was blocked by her corporate network because of "Violence/Hate/Racism" which has nothing to do with anything, but still fun anyway to know) - so long story short - all about the MLE and the apple of the Kobayashi and cheering on folks like Juliet Lee, which all just means:

More Asian Flavor At Coney Island.