I Liked It: Departures

Friday, July 03, 2009

I'll freely admit that sometimes I see movies because they won an award, and say what you will, but occasionally I want to know if something was really that good and at the same time let's all give it up for something called Cultural Relevancy.

If you're looking for something long and in-depth -- look further -- because as we all know, I'm a hack - but I will tell you this - you really should see it because it's not just funny (a lot more than I thought it would be), but it just lets you follow along in a story that doesn't do too much but still makes this impact on you because you can't help but wonder what's going to happen next - because it makes you invested in the characters and the small town they live in and I think like all good movies in this genre makes you think a little bit about your own life.

Don't worry though - I'm not trading in blogging anytime soon to prepare dead bodies - or become an actor in a "How To" video - but I may open up my own Slanty Bathhouse because then I get to be naked 24/7 and still get paid.