Banana: A First Ever Gathering Of Infamous Asian American Bloggers Hosted By Lac Su And Steve Nguyen

Monday, November 09, 2009

Well folks, if there's one event that I think you should be going too, it's this.


Because it's going to have all the bloggers you love - or love to hate - in one centralized place where you get to ask questions, take some pics, and who knows - maybe even get a lap dance.

From Angry Asian Man and Sepia Mutiny, to The Minority Militant, Hyphen, Nikkei View, and two of my personal favorites The AntiSocial Ladder and Bicoastal Bitchin - everyone's going to be there, and you don't want to miss this MF.

Where and when you ask?

Saturday November 21st: 3 to 6 pm
University of Southern California, Taper Hall Room 201
Price: Free

But Slanty How Come You Aren't There

Because those bastards didn't ask me.

Just joking.

I was asked to come on down, but I'll be honest - I'm kind of a wuss when it comes to being on film.


Because I've broken film.

No Lie.

Really I have.

But I Thought You Were Hot MF

Well, I am from the land of Hugly (and I'll let you figure that one out), but there just hasn't been film, digital or otherwise, that's been able to capture the essence that is the Slanty (notice how I'm de-personalizing this by using the third person).

Sometimes we're just vain.

That's A Little Selfish And Non-Community Isn't It?

Yes. Yes it is. But see the above point about me being a wuss with film and really - who the fuck's going to miss me when you have a TON OF GREAT PEOPLE there.


You won't.

But I Will Be There

Just because I won't be there there I'll still be there - 'cause who doesn't want to see some of their favorite bloggers sweating it up under the lights?

Again - exactly.

I'm not going to miss that shit unless something catastrophic happens.

And no.

I won't be there throwing empty Colt 45's at people.

Mine'll be full of frothy goodness.

And Just In Case You Needed More