Another First: Mona Pasquil

Monday, December 07, 2009

In case you wanted to know - and who really doesn't - Mona Pasquil is apparently the first woman, first Filipino American, and first Asian American to become a lieutenant governor of California:

Pasquil, granddaughter of Filipino immigrants and daughter of a community leader and gifted jazz pianist, is a longtime leader in the Asian American community. She was vice president for MHSC Partners Inc., a political consulting firm widely acknowledged for expertise in micro-targeting and data analysis.

She was appointed western political director in the Clinton White House, served as deputy chief executive officer for the 2000 Democratic National Convention and as political director of the 2000 Gore-Lieberman campaign in California. She was one of the 30 members of the Democratic National Convention’s Rules and Bylaws Committee and one of the 11 that supported Hillary Clinton in the 2008 elections.

Pasquil gives back to her community and is proudest of her work with The Asian Pacific Youth Leadership Project, and My Sister's House, a safe haven for Asian Pacific Islander victims of domestic violence.