New Music: The CounterParts

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Got sent in some tracks and a download to The CounterParts debut LP (thanks Fatgums) - and it's definitely worth the listen: see "Re:Act", "#1 Crew", "The Message (feat. Gavin Grant)", and "Universe (feat. ReVision)".


Born of a common love for hip hop music and culture, The Counterparts, a meshwork of emcees, producers and deejays blend the distinctive regional sounds of California’s underground music scene. Established in 2008, with parts in both the Bay Area and Los Angeles, The Counterparts, have quickly made a name for themselves as authentic, down to earth creators of original, independent hip hop music. In September 08 the crew released "The Appetizer", assembled like a mixtape the project hinted at what was to come, displaying the groups diverse sound. Their self titled debut album, "The Counterparts" released in November 09 is a collage of refined production and conscious real-world lyrics bound by new school and old school cuts that reminds us of the Golden Era when hip hop when music lifted the soul. Remember the good old days days .. The Counterparts clearly do!

The backbone of the crew is production team GammaGums a combination of (producer/deejay) Gammaray and (producer/deejay) Fatgums. Friends since early childhood, GammaGums have collaborated on numerous mixtapes and various underground music projects. This talented tandem reminds us of the Golden Age (boom bap era), with sample based loops and progressions bound by precise rhythm and vocal scratching. With additional production from (emcee/producer) Otayodub of the Co-Deez, the Counterparts dispel the notion that underground music isn’t well produced. Having met in Santa Cruz in the mid-nineties, the emcee trio of TKnow, Otayodubb and Braelan B complete the group, each bringing a distinct sound and message to their music. With guest spots including Bambu & Kiwi formerly of "Native Guns" the Counterparts have clearly gained the support and respect of their contemporaries. Delivering a uniquely familiar sound, The Counterparts, remind us of the power music has to not only entertain but maybe more importantly to inspire and motivate.


T-Know - emcee
BraelanB - emcee
Otayo Dubb - emcee/producer
Gammaray - DJ/producer
Fatgums DJ/producer
Pick up the album (physical or digital) down at Beatrock Music.