Random Song You May Not Want To Sing

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

I'm not a singer or a songwriter - so I can't really speak to how people pick their songs for live performances - but just a thought - when people start to boo and jeer you maybe it's time to get off the stage - especially when you're singing a song that was hijacked by the Nazis as a symbol of White Power:

Singer Pete Doherty has apologised for offending festival-goers in Germany when he performed a Nazi-era rendition of their national anthem. Crowds in Munich booed the Babyshambles frontman when he sang Deutschland, Deutschland Uber Alles during a live radio broadcast on Saturday. Doherty's manager Adrian Hunter said the singer deeply regretted any offence he might have caused. The controversial singer's performance was cut short when he sang a version of the anthem, banned after the Second World War. The lyrics from the anthem Das Deutschlandlied translate as 'Germany above all' and were written in 1841 as a rallying call for a unified German nation, but the meaning was later hijacked by the Nazi's as a statement of racial superiority.
I'm just glad I'm not his manager.