From Australia To Malaysia With Absolutely No Love

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Just in case you wanted to know about how Australians are still dealing with issues of race and racism here's a little from Australian's Digital Spy:

am Newman has been slammed for 'racist slurs'.

The Australian television star, who referred to a Malaysian man as a "monkey" during a segment on The AFL Footy Show last year, was found to have breached the commercial television code by a media watchdog [...]

The ACMA said: "Ridiculing or racially abusing dark skinned people by comparing them to monkeys has recently received much media attention in Australia, particularly in and around the sporting arena. We believe a sporting commentator such as Mr Newman would have been aware of these incidents and should therefore have been aware that using the word 'monkey' in this manner would be likely to provoke severe ridicule."
But you know what's almost as funny for me is the actual response on using the term dark skinned people which isn't quite the way I myself would like to be described as, simply because it's a little to close to "darkie".