Tim Jo, Gaelan Connell, Jay Mitsch, Ellen Ho, Anthony Bui, I'm In A Box, And The Balloon Boy Parody

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

You knew someone would be doing this sooner or later - but who knew it was going to be this soon - and that it would be this damn funny?


From The YouTube page:

Director/Writer: Anthony Bui (www.vimeo.com/anthonybui)
DP/Co-Editor/Co-Song Writer: Mu Sun (www.musunone.com)
Production Design: Courtney Raney (www.courtneyraney.com)
Camera Rental House: Bishop Park (www.bishoppark.org)
Wardrobe: Tim&Gaelan Styles donning Bishop Park Clothing (www.bishoppark.org)

This video would not have been possible without the help of: Mu Sun, Courtney Raney, Daniel Ahn, Thai Vo, and the acting skills of Tim Jo, Gaelan Connell, Jay Mitsch, and Ellen Ho. THANK YOU ALL!
P.S. - I've overlooked the reference to the Celtics and KG. Laker's fans...