FYI From The NYT On That New Rule From The F.T.C. (Concerning Bloggers)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I was reading in the NYT about the F.T.C. rules concerning bloggers which basically states that if you're doing a review on something and you got it free, or were paid - as in paid to play - you need to disclose it (starting December 1st) - and while in many ways this blog isn't a strict product/review blog and the F.T.C. probably could care less about me - I thought I'd put a few things out there.

  1. I'll take all the free shit people will send my way. For review purposes. Just like a traditional media outlet takes them as in "If you want us to consider a review of your CD or product, send them to...". It's pretty standard.
  2. Free shit does not equal a good review, or even a post/mention for that matter. There is no quid pro quo.
  3. I won't say that this will always be the case - because no one has yet offered me a Hello Kitty Lexus or a free lifetime supply of KFC.
  4. If I do the math, I actually haven't taken 99.9% of anything offered to me for free for reviews. I prefer to hit up a myspace, a youtube, a trailer, or just buy it myself and support the artist, the venue, or organization.
  5. No one's ever paid me or given me anything to write or hype an event, CD, book, show, etc. If I post it, it's because I like it, or I think someone else will, or I just think it's relevant.
  6. So far I've turned down all advertising/sponsorship requests because I don't really want to be beholden to someone, or some entity, and I want to be able to critique whoever, whatever, at any time. Part of the reason I blog is because I get to say whatever I want.
  7. The advertisement/sponsorship portion may change though if I do some sponsorships for charity - but I still have to work that out and who the hell knows when and if that will happen.
  8. Giveaways are giveaways. People have stuff. Sometimes I can help give it away. There's not really much to that - and again - just see #1 and #2.
  9. The offer of something free - even if I don't take it - still doesn't mean anything.

And that's that.