BREAKING THE BOW: The 1st Annual Independent Asian Pacific Islander Performing Artists and Writers Festival

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Back in August I talked about Breaking The Bow And The Ten-Minute Asian Pacific Islander Play Contest - and now - it's just around the corner.

Check it.

Over 70 Asian Pacific Islander artists participate in the 6 performance, 4 day event October 22-25, 2009 at the Miles Memorial Playhouse at 1130 Lincoln Blvd; Santa Monica, CA 90403.

Programs include play readings, an API cabaret, and Battle of the Pitches, and an innovative screenwriting pitch competition. Sponsors include FOX Diversity, East West Magazine, and Visual Communications.

Thursday October 22

5PM Kick Off Party with Cold Tofu and Dawen($5)

6:30PM VIP Reception ($10 with invitation)

8PM: Battle of the Pitches/Ten Minute Asian Pacific Islander Play Contest
Performances with Kristina Wong special performance ($10 admission with $5 Battle of the Pitches contest entrance fee) Pitch sessions with FOX 2000 and FOX Searchlight for best screenplay pitch. Celebrity judges.

Friday+Saturday October 23-24 8PM

AARGH!!, the API cabaret ($15) (Ken Choy, Jude Narita, Rodney Kageyama, D’Lo, Youtube all star musicians Seriously, Mikey de Lara, C. Kenneth Lee, Dawen, and Sue Jin)

Sunday October 25

2PM: Ken Narasaki’s No-No Boy reading ($5) Premiere
7PM: Staged reading of Ken Choy’s theatrical extravaganza Lazy Susan ($5) Premiere

Miles Memorial Playhouse 1130 Lincoln Blvd; Santa Monica, CA 90403