You Could Be A First: Paul M. Yee Jr.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I keep on getting amazed at how many firsts are going on this year - in part because in a way, you just really never know how many barriers we've never broken, until we step up - until we hear about it - and you know what?

It's pretty MF cool when we do.

A Brookline lawyer who grew up in Chinatown could become the first Asian-American judge assigned to Quincy District Court.

Paul M. Yee Jr. told the Governor’s Council on Wednesday that his background and sense of fairness and impartiality would “help contribute to Quincy.”

The council will vote next week on the appointment.

Gov. Deval Patrick nominated Yee to fill a vacancy created by the retirement of Judge Gregory R. Baler.

John Brothers, executive director of Quincy Asian Resources, applauded the choice.

“We feel (Yee’s) employment would be a great step forward,” Brothers said. “We hope he will serve as a role model for Asian youth in Quincy and show public service is a great career option.”
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