Get Your Vote On: Jackson & Lori And The Ultimate Thailand Explorers Travel Competition (AKA Help Them Beat The French Team)

Monday, October 26, 2009

So here's the deal. Lori (on the left) sent me out some e-mail that her and her husband (newlyweds btw) are semifinalists in the Ultimate Thailand Explorers Contest where the finalists are selected by popular vote with one team from each city moving on to the final phase of the competition in Thailand itself. Teams will then be judged by their ability to blog, photograph, video, and document a week's worth of adventures in their chosen destination in Thailand (if they become finalists).

This is where they need your help (and yes, they do make a great looking couple, but let's try and stay on task here).

In order to become finalists - and beat out the French team who's apparently kind of kicking their ass a little bit in votes - they need your vote to make it to the finals and compete in Thailand.

And it's easy too. Just go to the site, register on up, and then you can vote for them once every 24 hours until November 12, 2009.

Need some proof that they'll represent? No problem. Check out their video below (and their Facebook page over here).

And still yet, here's even more.

We are a newlywed couple from Long Beach, California. Jackson is a UCLA graduate and Lori graduated from Cal State Long Beach. As college sweethearts we first went to Thailand to volunteer doing humanitarian work and fell in love with the country and Thai culture. Since then we've been back several times to visit friends and for vacation. Every time we come back from a trip we always tell our friends and family that they need to visit - it is time to tell the rest of the world why we love Thailand as well!
So let's quickly recap here.

1. Put in a cool Asian American team into the finals.
2. Help them beat the French.

What more do you want?