My Skin Whitening Treatment Post

Sunday, October 18, 2009

So I go to this place, it's kinda my place right. We all have them. It's where no one bothers me, it's not chatty. I go there to get good food, check my mail, send out some txts. It's my Zen place.

Maybe I just never noticed it before today, but as I was walking in, there was a flier in the entrance for Skin Whitening pills and I was kind of like "What the...", and at the same time a couple came in who was white, and during one of their conversations while they were waiting for their food, I heard them talking about the flier (as well as mocking it).

This turned my Zen place into the "Your fucking kidding me place" and I was thinking to myself that I didn't really know what I wanted to do here. I was just like "Why the fuck is there a Skin Whitening flier up in this MF?" and "WTF gives the White People the right to talk about it and mock it." (you know what I'm talking about).

I get people gotta run a business. They're just trying to help other folks who come on in and say "Can I put this up?". They care about how many tickets they can serve in a given day, not necessarily the social implications of a flier - I get that - and who knows, maybe most people don't see it, or no one actually cares.

But does it have to be the Skin Whitening flier?

I mean I know this shit exists, it's not new, and that someone put this in some people's minds both in Asia proper and here that the Whiter they are the better they are - both in terms of White Euro-centric standards of beauty as well as the implications of social class - but don't believe the hype - it's just not true.

Brown is down and every shade in between - you don't need to Whiten It Up.