Spoelstra Says The Heat Are Counting On Its Young Stars

Monday, October 19, 2009

You know what I probably like the most out of this whole post? It's just the fact that I get to use an APA in the name who's heading out an NBA team (even if I hope they completely implode this season and the summer of 2010 is also a bust):

As most elite Eastern Conference teams spent their summer adding key pieces, the Miami Heat stood pat — and are taking heat for it.

"Fans and the media are hung up on changing your team for the sake of change," second-year coach Erik Spoelstra says. "There are teams that improve with change, but you can also improve with continuity and commitment." [...] Spoelstra expects teammates to step up and ease Wade's burden — in particular second-year players Mario Chalmers at guard (the first Heat rookie to start every game) and Michael Beasley at forward.
I should probably qualify that above statement by saying that I hope they don't implode enough to send Spoelstra out the door (by implode I'm just thinking they go out in the first round, barely limping in, like last year). Because when a team implodes, the first one to go is usually the coach and if that happened, I wouldn't get any more joy out of posts like this.