From Across The Pond: Undercover - Hate on the Doorstop

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I definitely want to check this out:

Two Asian reporters were subject to racist attacks and insults when they spent two months living undercover for the BBC’s Panorama programme. The pair moved on to an estate in Bristol earlier this year and used hidden cameras and microphones to record more than 50 separate incidents of abuse. Reporter Tamanna Rahman pretended to be a housewife with little command of English while Amil Khan played the part of her husband.

In one scene, to be shown in tonight’s programme called Hate on the Doorstop, Ms Rahman has stones thrown at her and is told to get out of the area. In another, a young boy threatened to kill her and tried to steal her purse. Other clips showed her being called “Raghead” and being told “Go away. Iraq’s that way.” Another person threatened to slit her throat and kick her “back to Paki land”. In another incident, Mr Khan is punched in the head by a man in the street.
Let's just say it all together "I'm not going to Bristol."