And If You Want That Desi Beat...

Friday, December 04, 2009

Your wait will soon be over - at least from what the India Journal tells me.

Early next year, a new radio station for South Asians will fill the air. DesiBeat promises to be unique and off the beaten track. Founder and CEO DesiBeat Kumar Gaurav talking with India Journal says, “This is our dream project. I bring Sales & Marketing expertise to this project and the experience of running a business in North America. Our team has over 100 years of Radio and Media experience and some of them were involved with few Indian FM stations from the very start. Our connections in Bollywood will help us in running some unique chat shows and cover live events.

Gaurav was raised and educated in New Delhi and has a dual MBA in Sales and Marketing.He is also the founder of a Sales and Lead Generation company in California , Beyond Codes Inc. and Managing Partner in a Staff Augmentation company.

Introducing his latest project, Gaurav explains, “ As they say “You can take an Indian out of India but not India out of an Indian.” And no ones knows it better than us living here . So we decided to come up with something that would cater to the needs of others like us residing far away from the motherland. DesiBeat’s offerings revolve around this target group. South Asian Americans comprise people from mainly India, followed by Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Burma, Bhutan and Nepal. Even people from the Caribbean, East Africa and Fiji identify themselves as Bollywood music lovers. This population will be astonishing by 2010 which underlines its importance for marketers.
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