Your Asian? You Go To South Philadelphia High School? You Might Be Getting Your Ass Kicked Because Apparently No One Really Cares About You

Friday, December 04, 2009

Definitely not a shot in any way to the Asian high schoolers who are getting singled out and beaten down - because that's just bullshit - but if one of your brethren gets jumped by fourteen people - it's time to start using the buddy system.

Grab a baby, steal a mannequin, hijack a meth addict on their way to the pharmacy getting the "good" sinus headache medicine - whatever you do - don't walk those halls alone because apparently you're getting singled out - because of your race - and the administration really doesn't care (if they did, they wouldn't let this - or the environment that breeds this, exist in the first place - because no one just wakes up out of the blue and says "I think I'm gonna beat some Asian kids down").

Tian, 19, of South Philly, and five other students who are recent immigrants are staying home today because they were among 26 Asian students who were attacked by a gang of other students throughout the day yesterday, said Xu Lin, of the Chinatown Development Corporation, who works with victimized students.

District officials said that 10 students have been suspended. No arrests were reported, but students who were outside the school yesterday said they had seen students being led out of the building in handcuffs [...]

The ordeal began Wednesday, Lin said, when a Vietnamese student was jumped by 14 students across the street from the school.

Yesterday, the attackers were roaming the halls "searching for victims class by class during school," he said.

About 12:30 p.m., Tian and two friends were heading to the cafeteria when someone ran up and hit him in the head from behind, Tian said through Lin, who translated.

"I tried to escape," Tian, a freshman, said. "I ran and they chased me and beat me on the nose." His friend Shan Chen, 18, also a freshman, was pushed to the ground, punched and kicked, Chen said. Seven of the victims, including Tian, were treated at Methodist Hospital for scrapes and bruises.

Violent incidents against Asian students often go unreported because the victims often have a language barrier or choose to suffer in silence rather than risk retaliation, said Tram Nguyen, a community organizer with Victim Services in South Philly. But students at the school, which is 18 percent Asian and has been designated by the state as "persistently dangerous" the last three years, have tried to stop the violence against them.
Where are those education tax dollars going again?

Oh yeah.

Everywhere else except for protecting the Asian kids.