Angry Asian People: Getting Pissed About The Food And Beverage Taxes

Sunday, December 06, 2009

When I think of Asian Americans getting riled up - I don't really think of this - in fact - this is probably something that never even enters my mind.

But you know what?

We're a diverse group of individuals and if this new tax (even though it's to help pay for health care) pisses you off, I say stand up and be counted. Take it to the man (whoever that may be in the F&B industry):

The Asian American Convenience Stores Association (AACSA) formed a new alliance with The Coca-Cola Co. and PepsiCo to fight against the soft drink taxes of 3 cents per can and 17 cents per two-liter bottle, which federal lawmakers have proposed to raise $6 billion in additional revenues to pay for health care reform.

As part of this partnership, the AACSA pledged to collect at least 5 million signatures from customers visiting its members' convenience stores and gas stations over the next five months. AACSA Founder and President Satya Shaw said the organization will send these signatures opposing the proposed food and beverage taxes to the U.S. Congress.
I have to admit that this is mildly interesting to me because it shines a light on Asian American business owners coming together and as a group trying to affect legislation - that there can be power in numbers on any scale - at the same time - as just some regular everyday chau - I actually don't mind paying a little extra - for anything - if it's going towards infrastructure and helping us build something better down the line.