Andy Quach, Being A Dick, And Supporting The Viet LGBT Crowd

Thursday, February 11, 2010

For all the good that people do in their communities - as Asian Americans, Vietnamese Americans, POC - sometimes it's just that one thing that makes people a Grade A MF Dick.

Case in point is Andy Quach responding to the fact that the groups Song That Radio, Gay Vietnamese Alliance, O-moi, and Vietnamese Lesbian and Bisexual Women's Network and Friends are marching in the Annual Westminster Tet Parade.

Dear countrymen,

I'd like to share with you my most sincere personal opinions regarding the participation of the LGBT group in the Tet Parade this Saturday, Feb 13 in Little Saigon.

This is an unfortunate event but as the city official and president of the Tet Parade organization I can not prevent it from happening. As an individual, I protest the participation of this group in the traditional and full-of-joy celebration of the Vietnamese people.

But as officials of the organizational committee in the city of Westminster, we can not discriminate any individual based on his/her political view, religion, sexual or personal preferences. This is the limitation of the law that we all have to obey.

I hope that the Vietnamese in our community will comply within the limit of the law regardless of our individual opinion. I understand everyone of us can voice our opinion. I sincerely thank everyone who had voice their opinions to me in the last few days.

I respectfully ask my countrymen/women to participate in our Tet Parade to demonstrate our unified voice and strength within our Vietnamese community after 35-year in this country that we call our new home. I trust that the officials of the city of Westminster will do their best to ensure the freedom and safety of all participants.

I wish you a new year full of wealth and success.


Andy Quach
Councilman of the city of Westminster
I mean seriously Andy - WTF is wrong with you?

What if the tables were turned and my Pho eating hot as hell MF's weren't allowed to march in some July 4th bullshit parade by some White People because of being Viet?

We'd all be screaming WTF is wrong those racist MF's right?

But it's okay for you to discriminate against a group simply because of who they fuck?

While I know I should never count on something like this - I can't help but think that as Asian Americans - people who weren't allowed to testify in court against White People - that even if for some insane reason some APIs had issues with my LGBT crowd that they'd at least "tolerate" people they saw as "different" than them (and yes - I do in fact hate the word "tolerate" because shouldn't we really be doing more accepting than simply tolerating?).

That at least they'd be a little more caring.


But that's not the case.

They'd rather take the same I'm A White Male Who's Not Going To Give You Your Shot Because "Your Different" Attitude - in effect - looking like this:

And I don't know about you - but I don't ever want to look like that dumb MF.

About The Groups

Song That Radio is a grass-root organization which has the dual task of operating a radio program to focus on enhancing community awareness of LGBT issues, with the aim to create social change in attitude towards LGBT people and to organize social and political events that advocate, support and empower the Vietnamese-American LGBT community by increasing LGBT visibility and inclusiveness. Our goal is to improve the quality of life of Vietnamese LGBT people by reducing and eliminating the disparities within the Vietnamese-American community in dealing with LGBT issues.

Ô-Môi is a support group for lesbians, bisexual women, and transgender of Vietnamese descent. Our goal is to provide a support and resource space for queer, female Vietnamese to come out and network.

Gay Vietnamese Alliance provides a safe and supportive environment for gay, bisexual, and transgendered men of Vietnamese descent from all over the world to network, voice issues, promote wellness and foster leadership.

The Vietnamese Lesbian and Bisexual women Network and Friends is a support network of women, young and old alike, who provide support to Vietnamese women who are questioning their identities or simply proud to be lesbians or bisexual women.
Join Them In The March

Time: 9:00 am

Place: Intersection of Bolsa and Magnolia Streets in Westminster, California (Look for the banners: Sống Thật Radio, Ô-Môi and Gay Vietnamese Alliance)

Contacts: Thanh Do (Gay Vietnamese Alliance): (408) 718 – 7647
Vuong Nguyen (Sống Thật Radio): (408) 476 – 3977
Gina Masequesmay (Ô-Môi): (818) 677-7219
Quynh Anh (VLBWN&F): (408) 623-6513

Thanks Cat