Random & Short Olympics Post

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I haven't been watching a ton of the Olympics so far - but I do love me some figure skating and especially the pairs because it's just like my own mini-kdrama (Did he just fall? Is she gonna beat his ass down? That was amazing)- so I thought I'd do a quick post up on some of what I've seen and heard (and yes, happy v-day and lunar new year to you all as well - and my apologies to my stomach for all the dim sum I ate).

Apolo Anton Ohno Is The New Bonnie Blair

Yuko Kavaguti

Some may call her a traitor, but I just think she's a girl who's going after her dreams (and is it really her fault Japan doesn't have dual citizenship?).

Those Chevy Silverado Commercials

Would it kill you to have some Asian people in those MF's?