PBS, Independent Lens, Whatever It Takes, And A Village Called Versailles

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Got some mail from the folks down at Independent Lens that they'll be showing some great films during the months of March and May. Check it out:

On March 30, we're airing Christopher Wong's documentary WHATEVER IT TAKES, an inside look at the first year of a new Bronx high school and its idealistic young Chinese-American principal Edward Tom.


On May 25th, we're airing S. Leo Chiang's A VILLAGE CALLED VERSAILLES which tells the empowering story of how an isolated community in eastern New Orleans originally settled over 30 years ago by Vietnamese “boat people,” turned a devastating disaster into a catalyst for change and a better future. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Versailles residents -- led by the spiritual leader of the community, Catholic priest Father Vien -- impressively rose to the challenge by returning and rebuilding before most other neighborhoods in New Orleans, only to have their homes threatened by a proposed toxic landfill just two miles away.