Kim Yu-Na Shatters Gold And Says She'll Play Bond In The Next Movie

Friday, February 26, 2010

From the shorts program where she also set a new world record

Forget about being a Bond Girl - when you shatter the world record and leave second place in the dust taking the Gold - you're not just the "Queen" - you're better than Bond himself:

When the numbers 150.06 popped up on the scoreboard, her mouth dropped open in delight. It was a world record, which had broken her old record by a whopping 16.11 points. Though her longtime rival Mao Asada had yet to skate, Kim had all but clinched the gold medal. She had made herself untouchable.

For her two unforgettable, nearly perfect performances at these Olympics, the 19-year-old Kim had scored a record total of 228.56 points, more than 23 points ahead of her nearest pursuer.
And Mirai Nagasu Didn't Do Too Bad Either

When you're up against the field she was taking fourth place is nothing to be ashamed of - especially in your first Olympics:

Nagasu closed the competition with a 126.39 point program to selections from the “Carmen” opera. She landed six triple jumps and three double Axel jumps in addition to performing two Level 4 spins.

“I think I learned a lot here at my first international competition,” said Nagasu, who has never skated at an International Skating Union (ISU) championship on the senior level. “It was my first time skating in the final warm-up. It was a great honor and as stressful as they say. But I was able to beat that pressure.”
I see us getting back on the medal streak...