Kollaboration 10 Artist Profile: Paul Jisung Kim

Thursday, February 18, 2010


What sets Paul’s music and live performances apart from the competition are his vocal abilities: beatboxing, harmonies, and lyrics. He gives new meaning to the term: "one-man-band". Using a loop machine on stage that allows him to produce live multi-track vocal instrumentals, he captivates audiences throughout the country.

His talent does not cap at his unique sound (which draws influence from artists such as Matisyahu, Coldplay, and Jason Mraz) but also extends to his gift of songwriting. Having spent several years as a performer in the genre of spoken word/slam poetry, his lyrics prove to be not only catchy but also marked with a depth that makes people stop and reflect.

Seeking to build a professional music career, Paul is currently working on recording an EP entitled “Run / Fly / Fall” (will be available on iTunes at the end of March '10) and getting exposure (i.e. his MySpace Artist page has 132,000+ hits and counting!). He performs regularly at events throughout LA and Southern California, and will be contending for top honors at the “Kollaboration X” talent show, which takes place at LA’s Shrine Theater (March 6th, 2010 –"BUY DISCOUNT TICKET HERE!") and draws a crowd of 6,300 people.