Tom Tancredo, Gregory Kane, And Literacy Tests

Monday, February 15, 2010

Just a few random thoughts on this article by Gregory Kane who was taking up the fight for Tom Tancredo:

  • Tancredo said at the recent Tea Party Convention "People who could not spell the word 'vote' or say it in English put a committed socialist ideologue in the White House - (his) name is Barack Hussein Obama. The revolution has come. It was led by the cult of multiculturalism aided by leftist liberals all over who don't have the same ideas about America as we do."

    Just because you may not know a language well doesn't mean you still can't be competent either when it comes to making a decision. From friends, to family, volunteers - it's just translation. I can not know a language well - even not be able to spell basic words at times - but someone can read me something from a newspaper, and I can still form an opinion of it. At the same time - the bolded quote is just right-wing xenophobia.

  • In his article Kane asked "Is it asking too much that Americans know just a smidgen about how their government is run before they head into the ballot box to cast their votes?"

    Am I completely missing something here because doesn't someone from another country that wants to be a citizen of the U.S. have to take a civics test - which you know - tests people's knowledge on the government? If not - I'm not really sure what the hell I was helping someone study for because I thought that was the MF civics test.

    But who knows - maybe it was really about how to bake bread.

  • In response to Kane saying "Tancredo erred when he used the term 'literacy test.' The lefties howled about how literacy tests were, for decades, used by Southern racists to keep blacks from voting. That’s true, but so is this: The abuse of a good idea doesn’t mean the idea isn’t good." all I have to say is HUH?

    If an idea is patently racist to begin with how can it ever be a good idea?

    It wasn't a good idea being abused by racists - it was a racist idea being used by racists.

    Kind of a big difference.