That's A Cool First: Ramey Ko Goes Austin

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

You probably remember Ramey Ko from the Betty Brown Why Don't You Chinky Bastards Get Easier Names To Say incident last year - because who can really forget that - and guess what - he's now a First:

History was made last week with the confirmation of Austin’s first Asian American judge.

At a swearing in ceremony on Feb. 5 at City Hall, Ramey Ko was one of four new municipal court judges to be selected to serve. A total of 24 municipal judges were appointed or reappointed by the city.

Mayor Pro Tem Mike Martinez praised the qualifications of all the judges, but also highlighted the special significance of appointing Austin’s first Asian American judge.

“It is my belief that our court system must reflect our community, and today we are taking another step in making sure our court system mirrors our community,” Martinez said.