Kara DioGuardi, John Park, And Not Knowing Where His Place Is In The Music Industry

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

As I'm sitting here watching some American Idol - and watching John Park and waiting for Andrew Garcia - I can't help but just love these comments - especially the one by Kara DioGuardi who said to John Park something to the effect of "I don't know where you go, where your road is in the music industry".

I mean sure - she was the same person that said she didn't expect that voice coming from him in his audition - and don't kid yourself it was because he was Asian - but I just think it's telling when someone from the "biz" looks at the Korean guy and is like "I don't know where you fit in the music industry".

It just says everything there is to know about how far we still have to go for people to accept and understand what we have to offer.

And don't get me wrong though either - he didn't have the greatest performance of the night - but it sure as hell wasn't in the bottom two either and if he doesn't get voted in to the next round I'll just have to wonder why that really might be.