East West Magazine Closes

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

While I didn't read the magazine a lot myself - I know that other people have - and seeing a magazine devoted to Asian/Asian American faces closing its doors - well - hopefully something new and great comes from it (and maybe it already has):

I know. Trust me, I know that nothing comes from shutting down and shutting out the world, but sometimes, we all need to run away even if it is just temporary. So for all those who have wondered what happened to the decision or where I’ve been. Wonder no more.

I took the last two weeks to just stop. To reevaluate the options, to study the signs, to take a gut check. I needed to do it in silence. While I realize this, like any healthy relationship, requires open communication, I couldn’t bring myself to type [...]

East West, my first love – that comfortable relationship, just doesn’t work anymore, not like this.

I appreciate the contacts and the potential investor conversations over the past month. I appreciate the gratitude for what we’ve created. I appreciate the readers who found the mag and loved the mag. I appreciate the seven year journey.

East West will stop publishing. The main magazine Web site will be updated over the course of the week with this information, reader/subscriber information and possible future projects. Meanwhile, I will ponder blogging more. I’m not sure what is next for me…but I think the path might be an interesting story.