Hear It From Mynette Louie

Sunday, February 21, 2010

There's a great interview down at HM with film producer Mynette Louie (Children of Invention):

Going into Sundance, our expectations were realistic. We understood that distributors don’t know what to do with a movie with no stars and Asian-American actors. We consulted with our executive producer, Dan Cogan [’91] of Impact Partners. It was his idea to start selling DVDs on the festival circuit. We were very hesitant about it. In previous years, if you did this, you were tainting your film. Selling DVDs prior to a theatrical release was basically an admission that you couldn’t find a distribution deal. We’ve done quite well selling the film to audiences at our festival screenings, and actually doubled the advances that any of my friends have been offered for a film. It’s still going to take a couple years to break even.
Read it in full here.