DramaFever And Hulu Get It On

Monday, May 10, 2010


Hard work and cool dramas from the homelands are in fact another way to get your professional groove on.

DramaFever is now offering mainstream U.S. audiences viewing television programs online on Hulu.com, the best of Asian programming. A brand new Hulu-DramaFever show page offers Americans free and easy access to a curated selection of the most popular blockbuster titles from Korea, Philippines, China, and Japan, including full-length television series, documentaries, music videos, and more. For the first time for many, people now have a way to discover and enjoy the convenience of watching the primetime drama, comedy, action, and suspense series, which are shaping and reflecting societal trends and pop cultural tastes in Asia today. All videos are streaming in high quality with English subtitles or dubbing. DramaFever is an online Asian programming content distributor, and Hulu is an online video service that offers hit TV shows, movies and clips at Hulu.com and other online destination sites, anytime in the U.S.

Initially in May, DramaFever will distribute a total of 116 episodes of the most recent seasons of four of Korea’s hit television series, which enjoy large international followings and popularity among non-Asian audiences on DramaFever.com. Then each month, DramaFever will add one to two additional titles, up to 40 new hours of programming to the DramaFever show page at


DramaFever will draw from its ever-expanding library, one of the most comprehensive and current collections of legal Asian content in the U.S. – at present over 100 titles representing 5,000 hours of programming. As DramaFever secures more deals with Asian TV networks and partners, new videos across entertainment genres and countries will become available.

“Asian content has wide appeal internationally and is growing in popularity among non-Asian audiences. People are curious about what’s popular in the East or want alternatives to traditional TV programming,” says co-founder Suk Park. “We created DramaFever to make the best of Asian entertainment more accessible to mainstream American and Canadian audiences, and our deal with Hulu helps us introduce this content to the millions who visit and explore new videos on Hulu every day.”

According to co-founder Seung Bak, internal research, supported by third-party statistics indicates that over 50% of visitors to DramaFever.com are non-Asian and that that figure is growing. Since its launch in August 2009, DramaFever.com’s user base has increased 500% to approximately 250,000 unique monthly visitors, who on average watch 45 minutes of video per visit and spend approximately four hours a month on the site, discovering new content and celebrities.

This month, the DramaFever show page on Hulu will play full seasons of Korean hit series, ranging from high-ratings action thriller “Iris” -- reminiscent of “Alias” or “24” -- to romantic comedy and situational comedy series “Coffee Prince” and “My Lovely Samsoon”, as well as Korean historical drama “Queen SeonDuk.” All titles feature the country’s biggest stars and big budget productions. For similar content and a wider selection of videos, people can also visit DramaFever.com to watch for free or pay just $4.99 per month for premium membership, which includes uninterrupted advertising-free programming, access to exclusive content and other advanced features. Future plans will bring content from DramaFever to mobile and Web TV platforms.

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