Jay Legaspi: Picture Perfect

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I got word sent out my way about Jay Legaspi's debut full length CD which is out today, and after giving it a few plays all I have to say is that you should definitely get on out and give it a listen, because it's just good music that gets better with each rotation. Picture Perfect showcases what Legaspi does best -- setting the table with infectious hooks, a soul/rock vibe, and an honesty that every singer and songwriter should take a cue from.

At the same time he's taking some chances with new sounds like "Paper Shapes", "Interlude", and "Maggie" but still keeping his signature strings - backed by a fuller and more mature sound - with songs like "T-Shirt & Sweats", "Newly Made Stranger", "Untitled", and one of my favorite newest songs "Jacketlining" - which btw should definitely get picked up for a soundtrack.

Get the album at jaylegaspi.com and at iTunes.