The Volcano's Vagina: Ktown Cowboys Ep. 1

Thursday, May 06, 2010



When John Kim (Lanny Joon) relocates from the comforts of his picket-fence, WASP neighborhood of Richmond, Virginia to the alluring city of Ktown Los Angeles, the land of sultry women, Booking Clubs, and late night taco trucks, his arrival immediately sparks the most epic night of his life. His cousin, Jason (Shane Yoon) introduces John to his audacious crew (Peter Jae, Danny Cho, Sunn Wee, and Bobby Big Phony Choy) who teach John the basic yet inventive ways on how to survive the perfect Friday night in Ktown. Special appearances by Justin Chon (Twilight) and Bobby Lee (Mad TV).

Directed By: Daniel DPD Park

Written By: Danny Cho

Produced By: Lillian Ng, Liah Kim, Ellen Ho

Starring: Lanny Joon, Peter Jae, Sunn Wee, Danny Cho, Bobby Choy, and Shane Yoon

Executive Producers: Ginam Lee, Daniel Kim, Jay Hong D.P. Paul Sun / The Social Trust

Edited by: The Mighty Fifty
Composer/Orchestrator: Jonathan Wandag

Featured Music:

+ "Animal" by Far East Movement

+ "Folk Music" by Far East Movement

+ "Tell A Friend" by IllAgain