From You The Reader

Sunday, May 23, 2010

I think the readers here are like me - total voyeurs - but I thought I'd post this email on up from long-time reader J (with her permission) because at the very least - it'll make you think.

You might be interested to know I discussed the incarceration of Japanese Americans with an Asian Woman who said she talked to detainees who said it wasn't so bad...she said you were with your families and you Japanese were all together and safe what was so bad with that?..shows how little she knew...NOTHING...she also said her husband had to suffer by wearing a sign around his neck proclaiming he wasn't Japanese...but he apparently did not want what was happening to the West Coast Japanese..happen to him....She is a fool to speak without knowing the facts...She told me the camps were not concentration camps...but internment camps...look at theSupreme Court's Opinion written by Justice Black he called them Concentration Camps..the Japanese were fenced in with armed guards and people were shot and beaten up

The Japanese Americans lost all of their civil rights ...a lot lost all they owned...but what amazes me is how much of what the Japanese Americans history has been lost by other sad....but History will repeat itself if one is not careful...soon all the Japanese Americans who were in the Concentration camps will pass on..I hope the History of shame of what America did to them because of their ancestry will not be forgotten....