A Quick Word On Racialicious And Carmen Van Kerckhove

Monday, May 31, 2010

I'm a little late on this - been catching up on some reading - and while you probably already know this if you're a daily reader of Racialicous - Carmen Van Kerckhove, after spending eight years online and offline talking about race and racism, is moving on in another direction.

When I first started up this blog one of the places I hit religiously was Racialious, and while I'm more of a skimmer these days and I never got to know Carmen Van Kerckhove - I'll always be grateful for the space that she created where people like me, getting a feel for what they wanted to do, could send in a link, check out a post, and just see another Asian face doing their thing in the blogosphere.

Thanks for all that you did and those that you inspired.