Fine Glee. You Win For Now (But Just By A Little)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I won't deny the goodness that is Iqbal Theba - and I've mentioned him before - but when you also have someone billed as one of the stars - who stops stuttering - but doesn't get any real lines - I can't help it - I just have to post up on it and I have to question the people of Glee.

But apparently they've made me eat some of my words.

But just by a little.

Tina did get some more lines in the last episode and was actually semi-featured in an actual episode where we actually got to see her for more than an actual split second where we could actually see a facial expression - or sometimes two.

And she got to do a little dancing with Mike (albeit in the dark and they really didn't focus on them all the time).

But it still felt a little empty.

The episode was still more about Artie than Tina. She's still kind of a backdrop even when she's semi-featured and I'm hoping we just get to see her as something - well - more than what she is now.

I'm not sure what that more is, but Glee surprises me in most every other aspect and I want to be surprised with the characters that are Asian American too and right now - I'm just not as surprised as I think I should be.