Machete, Alex Jones, Horray For Race Wars!!!! And Yes, I Do Think Maybe Danny Trejo Is The New Charles Manson

Monday, May 17, 2010

If the above makes any sense to you whatsoever where you start thinking to yourself "Hmmm....that kind of makes some sense and you know what? Maybe Robert Rodriguez is completely careless after all and now I'm going to be scared to see that movie and I don't even think I'm going to go out of my house the weekend it opens", I have one simple tiny, itty bitty thing to say to you.

It's just a film.

Now I'm not going to deny the importance of film, media, novels, the written word, or seeing images that you can compare yourself too - because all of them can start a movement, a revolution - they can even illicit responses from Presidents.

But the real person doing the instigating - actual damage affecting real lives - it's Jones himself.

What Jones is saying is that the Latino community - as well as all immigrants with brown skin and naturalization certificates - have no self control.

That we're animals who can be swayed into mass murder by one man and his movie and that we're everything this country has told us we were at one time or another no matter how much evidence there was to the contrary.

That we've deserved to be locked up and treated without any dignity whatsoever because we are less than human.

That's a lot more damaging than a film could ever be because that mindset - the one that Jones is perpetuating - it leads to hate crimes, racial profiling, glass ceilings, redlining, communities and individuals of color not getting the access they need to basic services, and the continued blanketing of culture and ethnicity.

Our color and our voice.

But Maybe I'm Wrong

Maybe once I actually see the film - because Danny Trejo's eyes pierce deep into my soul and all I need is a simple command to be set off - I mean - maybe I will start a race riot.

Maybe I'll become a killing machine who does in fact try to kill all the White People.

And by all the White People I mean everyone - because I'm betting that I'm also too dumb to distinguish between any types of people whatsoever and since I'll already be in a blood thirsty rage technically I won't care as long as I'm getting in some kill time.

Sweet sweet kill time.