Vietnamese Prostitutes, Edamame, And Me Luv U Long Time

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Reading the article "Act Like A Vietnamese Prostitute, Get Free Edamame" down at Jezebel, I had some thoughts including the following:

  • What non-Asian Americans came up with this dumb motherfuck of an excuse slogan for some free shit? Why not just have them say "I LIKE TO RAPE ASIAN WOMEN" and then for some free desert, have patrons say "I'LL KILL A BREEDER TOO." I mean fuck it right because if you're gonna create marketing like a racist sot, why not go all the way and just drink the whole MF bottle?
  • Don't get me wrong - I'm up for what the post had to say and for shedding light on the issue - but did they have to break out the Vietnamese Prostitute? Is that the only headline they could come up with? Isn't that kind of like sodomizing your grandma so she won't be able to shout racist shit at the drive-thru?

That was it.