A Note To The Guy That Stole My Subs (And The Subs From The Two People In Front Of Me As Well)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dear Guy At Un-Named Sub Shop,

Dude - that takes balls to load up 7 subs into a bag and walk out of there like they were your own. I in part blame it on the fact that the people weren't calling out the subs they were putting out there on the counter - because if I would have heard mine I would have snatched those MF's up - because I was hungry.

At the same time, since you were standing there already - waiting - and it looked like there were already a few subs you were picking up for yourself and your crew of painter friends - why would we - or should we - have suspected anything different?

Now I still got my subs - so that's fine - but all I'm saying is that people work hard to make those subs - and the fact that you stole three people's subs and had to make people do extra work - to re-make those subs you stole - kind of says something about you - in particular that you have no conscience when it comes to other's people food.

And somehow that's just wrong.

Kinda funny.

But still wrong.

O.K., that's it.

I hope you get chlamydia and it hurts when you pee.