AAIFF 2010 Schedule

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Because you wanted to know (no - really, you did).

Thurs 7.15

Opening Night Presentation Manila Skies 7:30p CV

Fri 7.16

15 Malaysia 1:15p Quad
For Youth by Youth 4:00p MOCA
Woman on Fire Looks for Water 4:00p Quad
Zoom Hunting 6:00p CV
Copyrights and Wrongs 6:00p MOCA
Oh Family, Where Art Thou? 6:15p CV
It's a Little Bit Funny... 7:00p Quad
Slice 8:45p CV
Wo Ai Ni Mommy 9:00p CV
Back to the Future 9:00p Quad
AAIFF Amplified 9:00p

Sat 7.17

For Youth by Youth 12:00p MOCA
In the Matter of Cha Jung Hee 12:30p CV
The Arrival 1:00p Quad
Youth Workshop 2:00p DCTV
Yang Yang 3:00p CV
9500 Liberty 3:30p Quad
Interpretations 5:00p CV
Mao's Last Dancer 6:00p CV
The First Kiss 6:15p Quad
Eye on Taiwan 7:30p CV
Lt. Watada 9:00p Quad

Centerpiece Presentation Au Revoir Taipei 9:00p CV

Sun 7.18

CUNY Shorts 1:00p Quad
Making it Green 1:00p MOCA
The Things We Carry 2:45p CV
China Online? 3:00p MOCA
Mystery Screening 3:30p Quad
Other Nature 4:00p CV
Raspberry Magic 5:30p CV
Taipei 24H 6:30p CV
Untold Stories 6:30p Quad
Miss Kicki 8:30p CV
At the End of Daybreak 9:00p Quad

Mon 7.19

She, A Chinese 6:00p CV
Work-In-Progress 7:00p Tribeca Cinema
Mountain Thief 9:30p CV

Tues 7.20

Fog 6:00p CV
The Mikado Project 8:30p CV

Wed 7.21

Closing Night Presentation The People I've Slept With 7:30p CV