UnitedHealthcare Group And The AsianTreasure Plan

Sunday, June 06, 2010

I was reading this article on UnitedHealthcare's "AsianTreasure" plan and I couldn't help but post a little on it. Below are two slides from one of their brochures called "A Health Plan Tailored for Asian Americans" from the UHC site.

A few of thoughts.

  • Who came up with the name for this Health Plan because let's face it - it panders to the lowest common denominator because I'd be choosing something like the "Premium Network Health Plan" or "Value-Added Plan For Singles", or the "Growing Family Heath Network" - you know - something that tells me a little more about the plan and what's appropriate for my life style versus "AsianTreasure" which tells me absolutely nothing whatsoever except that there may be a pot of gold somewhere hidden in the paperwork if I can find the Asian leprechaun hidden in a bowl of four-leaf clovers. They might as well have called it the "Chopstick Provider Network."
  • My plan already has acupuncture, and just an FYI - non-Asian people get acupuncture too. And just another FYI - it's the overall price/value that I'm looking for in a health care package - not the highlight of acupuncture which btw - I've never even had.

  • Again, and I hate to belabor this point because I'm sure someone put a lot of love and time into it - but I wouldn't get this plan simply because when people would ask me what Health Care plan I had, I wouldn't be able to bring myself to say "I have the AsianTreasure plan!" because not only do I think there should be a pirate involved, but it also would sound like I got that plan from my local check cashing establishment, and while I have gone to said check cashing establishment in the past, it's just not the place I want my health care to sound like it came from and that's saying a lot because I have almost no standards whatsoever.
  • Are these features just not available in the non-AsianTreasure plans? Are they saying that I can't choose from a plethora of Asian doctors in the area's health care plans already? That there's no multilingual support in the area's plans? Shouldn't that be standard anyway or given as an option as support (because I realize it takes money)?

I'm not saying that it's a bad thing to roll out resources to the Asian American community regarding health care, I just think there's a way to do it - and at least at first glance - this really doesn't sound that promising to me.