Andrew Cuomo Investigating iPad Discrimination Claims

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The bottom line on this one is that we're to blame here. We love to smuggle shit. Don't deny it. Sure, the iPad won't fit up our ass, but that won't stop us because we're determined MF's. We'll tear that shit apart piece by MF piece and then hide all the parts in other people's luggage (albeit White People's luggage who we don't know because there's that possibility that we'll get stopped with another group of Asian faces and asked if we're all together and even though we'll say no, it'll still culminate in a group strip search).

Although.............even though I can't help myself from smuggling things, because it's like a reflex, now that I think about it really smuggling once I've purchased it? Is the iPad an endangered species or something that I didn't know about? Is there some sort of user agreement when I buy it that says I can't bring it out of the country?

Even to Germany?