Doing It One White Person At A Time

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Even though I don't know a ton about this new group - sounds like a step in the right direction because as we all know, it's just not up to us as POC to get it done:

“It shouldn’t always be the work of people of color to stop white people from being racist or to inform white people that they are being racist.”

Those words come from Hannah Jacoby, a founding member of the Chicago Alliance for Racial Equity. The alliance is hosting its first Anti-Racism Workshop for White Allies on Saturday. The workshop will train white people to be effective allies with minority groups among other white people. "Everything we try to do here is with the intention of movement building,” Jacoby said. This organization was created by white staff members and supporters of the Chicago Freedom School to teach members of the white community how to be effective allies with minorities.
Again, sounds pretty good to me, and I applaud them for taking the initiative.

I will be honest though and say that if I saw a bunch of White People wearing jackets with bold letters on them saying "White Allies" - and nothing else - I'm thinking they may be trying to kick my ass because I wouldn't be sure whose allies they actually were.

Just want to say my peace before they make t-shirts.