Daniel Wu + The U.S. + Maybe Those Actors In Asia Are Really Helping The Cause

Monday, June 28, 2010

Those early DW flicks....well, I guess we all have to start somewhere (and it's not like you can't find nuggets of the not so good here) - but Daniel Wu has come into his own - and now he's going to try and break out into the U.S. market (apparently he just signed up with an agency here in the states):

His fascination with Hong Kong cinema led to a trip to the former British colony in 1997 to witness its handover to China. Out of funds, he tried modeling and was spotted by a Hong Kong director in a fashion ad.

Thirteen years later, he has 50 movies under his belt and is one of the Chinese-language industry's biggest stars. Childhood idol Chan has become a frequent screen partner, most recently in the Tokyo-set drama "Shinjuku Incident." With a summer blockbuster due out on Thursday and clothing, watch and skin care endorsements, it's hard to miss Wu's picture in this wealthy shopping-crazed city of 7 million people.

Now Wu is hoping to leverage his reputation in the land of his ancestors to correct the cinematic prejudices of his home country. He recently signed with the Hollywood talent broker Creative Artists Agency.

"It's amazing that 30 years later, there still aren't (positive Asian-American role models). And I would like to help change that," he said.

The University of Oregon architecture graduate says part of the challenge is choosing the right roles. He said he has already turned down parts that he feels portrays Asians in a negative light.
I know that sometimes we can't help but make the difference between Asian and Asian American and lament that fact that an actor from Asia is getting a part over an Asian American - but just the fact that more people are getting out - and getting accustomed to seeing an Asian face - any Asian face - sometimes it can be a good thing.

And now we have someone like DW who's not only a bona fide star in Asia, but who's also Asian American coming on down to make a mark in the U.S.

Worldwide marketing power and he's Asian American?

I'll be interested to see how this one plays out.