You Could Be A First: Ted Lieu

Sunday, June 06, 2010

From the AJ:

Assemblymember Ted Lieu (D-Torrance) is used to making laws but if all goes right on June 8, he’ll soon be enforcing them. Lieu is among the six Democrats and three Republicans who are running for Attorney General in California. If elected, Lieu would become the first Asian American to occupy the post.

"California is an enormously diverse state," said Lieu. "One of the reasons why I’m running basically is to empower a community who [hasn’t] had a voice in government."

Lieu is a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Air Force Reserve, a former military JAG prosecutor and was elected to his third-term as an Assemblymember. He is Chair of the Select Committee on Consumer Financial Protection. Prior to his election to the state assembly, he served on the Torrance City Council, as well as the City’s Environmental Quality & Energy Conservation Commission.
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