This Is Why We Still Need Our Voices To Be Heard

Thursday, June 17, 2010

If this doesn't cue you in to the racism that we still face within the workplace, I'm not sure what will:

More than a hundred Asian American workers gathered last week to make their voices heard about the unique challenges that Asian Americans face on the job. In a historic meeting arranged by the New York chapter of the Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance (APALA), workers defined the barriers to organizing, the need for improved community and labor partnerships, and shared successful organizing strategies.

"When my rich employer gave me a stale pizza, threw it in the kitchen table without a plate, I was convinced then that after the apartheid era, slavery and racism still exist in this country," Mona Lunot, a Filipina domestic worker said in the hearing.

Lunot added that she directly experienced slavery, abuse, discrimination, sexual harassment and other violations of human rights from the moment that she left her life in the Philippines in 2000 to become a domestic worker for a diplomat here in the United States.
Fuck that.

I would have picked that pizza up and thrown that MF back at them so fast...oh wait...that's really easy to say, but when you have a family, are new to a country, and are on the opposite end of the racial spectrum in terms of power - you can't always do that.

And that's exactly why we still need our voices heard.

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