A Random Note On Blogosphere And All That Comes With It

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Obviously I read a lot of blogs, news, alerts - anything I can get my hands on - and I've said before here in this space - at times - balance doesn't always happen.

To be a blogger - it's not someone who utilizes a blog as an extension of what they're already into. It's not an organization or company that blogs to get their brand out.

We're a hybrid of newscasters, editors, writers, Op-Ed, and sometime activists even if we don't know it.

Yet we're all still human.

We still feel. We have ego. We can be aggressive and even more so passive aggressive.

Sometimes it's not what we say, but it's what we don't say and what we allude too.

As much as bloggers in the Asian American and Pacific Islander space are a community getting the same alerts, the same PR's, knowing or being in the know of some of the same people and organizations even if not always knowing the individuals themselves, and there's a sense of doing a greater good even with everything that might come with it -- we all have our own lives, our own causes, our own events and organizations we support, and without a doubt - our own opinions.

Blogging is passion. It's emotion. It's taking the time to put something out there - whatever that may be - even if you ask yourself if you should be somewhere else doing something else (to which you usually say no). And as visceral as it might be, it can be just as mechanical.

But it's an evolution because it does involve a specific POV.

And we make mistakes. Sometimes we hit the mark and other times we fall a little short of where we wanted to be either in what we do, or how we might do it, or how we might engage those situations and people because of what we do, as important or as trite as some people might think it is.

I guess my thought is this:

We do what we do, we say what we say, and we gotta take the good and the bad with it and however it affects whatever we do in relation to the blogs we pour our time into.

That's just a fact.

At the end of the day though - with everything that can come with this thing called blogging - because of everything it is - sometimes - well, sometimes you give a pass and call it a day.

I know. I've given passes, and I've gotten passes - and somedays, that's just the way it goes.